Gone are the days of slaving away at clubs and social events, having to get plastered with alcohol for the slightest chance at finding a chick to hit on and take home. You’re a smart man. Why go through all that effort to get laid, when you can get laid with none of the work. Push a few buttons, send a few texts, and boom, you got a thottie coming over to suck you dry. You could find a hookup now with your smartphone. This article’s gonna show you why and how.

Adult Hookup Websites: The New Dawn Of Finding Sex Buddies

Why are sites for casual hookups such a hit?

Think about it, bro. Everything in the real world has gone digital. Your shopping is all online. You don’t go to an office to pay bills, you do it online with your card. You can even get groceries and food sent to you instead of going to the shop. When life’s that easy, why do you wanna go through the traditional song and dance of picking up a chick? Buy her a drink, figure out if she’s available or not, make small talk, maybe dance, she gets pulled away by her friends, rinse and repeat with another girl. You just wanna get laid, so do that online too. You’ve got the resources. Just to show you I’m not biased, here are the pros and cons of online hookups:

Pros of online hookups

  • You’re instantly connected with horny chicks online, ready for cybersex and even hooking up.
  • You can talk to multiple girls at once, for a better chance at getting laid.
  • You can get a local adult hookup quicker than if you went out to pick a girl up off the street.

Cons of online hookups

  • Ever meet a chick who clearly used a picture of her from years ago as a profile picture? Yeah, not a fun date, bud.
  • A lot of hookup sites lock their best features to paid users.
  • Choosing the best hookup site for you can be hard because each one has unique characteristics.

What does the best paid hookup site have over the best free hookup site?

Everything has its price, even if you’re not paying cash up front. A free website uses the information it gets from you to give you targeted ads, or it risks having lower security. With paid hookup websites, you pay a premium to have an ad-free experience. The premium also means you won’t run into fake/bot accounts. Aside from this, paid accounts usually have unlimited messages and likes. That means you never have to halt your search for a chick to rail.

What kind of people should get into adult hookup sites?

Online hookups are fun and full of lust. Not sure if you’re the type to get into an adult online hookups? If you see yourself in this list, have no doubt, you’ll be fine:

  • You’re recently single. Divorced, broken up, widower, doesn’t matter. The important thing is you need to get some pussy, and online hookups is the way.
  • You’re married, but the bedroom’s dead. The wife ain’t putting out, or she just doesn’t turn you on anymore. You need to get some action on the sly. These discreet online hookup sites could help.
  • You’re a busy guy. Your life is your work, but even busy dudes need to bust a nut sometimes. Can’t deal with a relationship, so a no strings attached one night stand is best, courtesy of online hookups.
  • You’re curious. You’re perfectly fine picking up girls off the street, but you wanna see if it’s easier to get a lay online.
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Do the best adult hookup sites always have mobile apps?

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the top adult hookup sites don’t have a dedicated mobile app, but that doesn’t make them any less legit. They compensate for the lack of an app by making the mobile version of the website as optimized as possible. That means you would never notice the difference, and you’re just better off using the website instead of the app.

How do you pick the right adult hookup site for you?

Picking the right hookup site ain’t an easy task, bud. Lucky you got me, right? I’m gonna make the key points so easy to understand, even a horny dummy like you won’t struggle with it:

  • Make sure there are lots of users in your area. You don’t wanna drive across the state to get laid, unless you’re that desperate, buddy.
  • Make sure the site is easy to use. If sending a picture or a like is a complex process, that isn’t a user-friendly site.
  • Premium membership fees need to be reasonable. Moreover, they ought to have discounts for long term memberships. You want the most bang for your buck, this is the way.
  • Good user reviews are ultimately the best indicator of whether or not a website is worth using.

It’s worth remembering that there are plenty of hookup sites which cater to specific niches. There are whole dating websites which indulge a specific ethnicity, or help connect people of different types of fetishes.

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How do you keep your data safe?

Keeping your information safe is priority. The last thing you need is for someone to get all your security details. If you wanna stay safe, here’s all the things you need to look out for:

  • Don’t use your first and last name on your profile. It’s usually better to go by an alias.
  • Never send money to people who ask for it, no matter the sob story.
  • Don’t click on links sent to you by strangers. It could be malware.
  • Don’t carry on with a meeting if the person you see isn’t the person on the profile picture.

What’s the verdict on finding hookups online?

Online hookup sites are here to stay. They’re convenient, they’re quick, and most of all, they’re effective. Anyone can use it, unlike clubs and bars where you need money and time. With hookup sites, you could be busy at work, eating lunch, or lying in bed, but you can set up your next hook up at the same time. Getting laid has never been so easy, and you’d be a dummy to not give it a try.